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RESET // Transformative Event by X-PRESION LIVE // MONDAY 19TH 1:30AM SYD TIME

We are thrilled to announce AND WE ARE THE MEDIA PARTNERfor....

RESET: a Transformative Event by X-PRESION

Express, Create & Share


This is what we’ve been dedicated to for last 15 years.

We bring innovative gifts to the industry and in return the industry lets us live our dream.

And it’s because of that dream, we want to make The Most Important Show in our entire lives.

It’s not pretending to be just another hair show.

It’s time for awareness, to see what we can do together.

We want to change the energy we are all living all over the world and transform it into positive thinking.

As a hairdressers we touch hair and transform energy of our clients.

The quarantine has taught us how important hairdressers are in people’s lives, the powerwe have to transform energy.

This event intent to be the most beautiful experience you have ever

lived in hairdressing.

We’ve been working for months in order to bring you an experience that gathers everybody for sharing our passion.

We've prepared a transformative event.



🧘‍♀️Active Meditation

promise to spread POSITIVE➕🔋ENERGY.

RESETredefines hairdressing and reactivates our consciousness.


Be part of the change on:

📆October the 18th.


Tickets are available on:

🧠HEAD-HACKERS.COMfor a reduced price so that everyone can participate.


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