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INTENSITY by Anna Barroca

This collection is an exercise in strength and fluidity, an energy that catches you and is transmitted, projecting you into the future.

The vibrant colors are mixed with smooth and wavy textures, showing that different forms exist for the same message, full of value and hope. Leather, satin and ruffles for a femininity that draws on the festive and powerful aesthetics of the 80s to launch itself into the conquest of the most current present. Life is a celebration that is explored at every moment no matter how dark it may seem.


Hair: Anna Barroca

Hair Instagram @annabarroca

Photography: David Arnal

Photography Instagram @davidarnalteam

Make up: Anna González

Make up Instagram @iamlaflaca

Styling: IKKA’S & YONS

Styling Instagram: @ikkasshop @trendandsweet


Press Instagram: @comunicahair

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