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PRIME // by Travis Bandiera


Growth and nature are the inspirations behind my collection.

This pertains to growth in all aspects of life and how nature is continually evolving to adapt to situations.

Nine years ago, I started with Royals Hair as an apprentice, and to see the amount of growth the company and myself have experienced is a humbling moment.

When fitting out our most recent store with an entirely new look inspired by nature, I began thinking how I could translate this to my new collection.

My entire collection has a colour palette inspired by nature and is reflective of our newest salon. I’ve seen our salon fit outs grow from a small store into a new eco-friendly and sustainable business.

Direct inspiration has been derived from our current décor and this is extremely earthy and nature inspired with pops of colour.

We have brightly stained glass Moroccan lanterns in the salon and this is our signature element in all 4 locations. I used the mix-matched placement of the glass panels when colouring a few of the models, taking direct colour palette inspiration from the lanterns.

I also worked with natural textures and enhanced the colours on the models to create movement and texture within the hair.

Working with the natural head shape and using triangular colour placement to bring out facial features was a crucial part of the technique.



HAIR & COLOUR: Travis Bandiera


MAKEUP: Chereine Waddell

STYLING: Melissa Nixon

SALON: Royals Hair


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