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The Brave // by Candice Mckay

The Brave

Candice Mckay’s bold new 2018 Collection is a fearless and intense expression of this adventuring spirit.

The Brave is a celebration of female explorers and their defiance of the status quo.

The Collection charts new territory with eight fresh looks, each an homage to remarkable women around the globe in search of global culture…………….

McKay says “ It’s been a very humbling experience to research the unsung female explorers of the past. Really gutsy women who followed their dreams, entirely undeterred by the patriarchal society in which they lived. It was a challenge and a pleasure to create this Collection, honouring those women.

Hair & Colour – Candice McKay using Davines

Photography by John Rawson

MU by Lan Grealis

Styling by Jared Green

Clothes by Black Coffee

Assistant – Yvonne Flick-Barbanti

. . .

If you would like to be featured here on THE COLLECTIONS, simply email me at

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