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Pavel Okhapkin's collection // Russian Hairdressing Awards 2017

Pavel Okhapkin's collection for the Russian Hairdressing Awards 2017

Hairs: Pavel Okhapkin @pavelokhapkin

Photo: Karen Kananyan @kananian

Stylist: Pasha Pavlov @pashapavlovplus1

Make-up: Lyubov Dyukova @lyuba_dukova

Costumes: Mila Anderst @mila_anderst

true friends - Irina Belogurova @irishkabelogurova, Yuliya Maschenko @julia_m_julia and the whole team @pavelokhapkin_school and @pavelokhapkin_studio.

. . .

If you want to be featured in THE COLLECTIONS, simply email me at

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