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SURFACING // by Mio Sota



“SURFACING, a collection with a difference - Haunting, heartbreaking, moving, and empowering.

Inspired by complete strangers I have met and their incredible stories that they were brave and kind enough to share with me.... all their stories were heartbreaking, yet the storytellers were so powerful, inspiring and just so beautiful showing strength & hope.

I wanted to create something to show my deepest gratitude, something that anybody who saw my collection for the first time, would get a similar feeling I felt when I met these storytellers along the way.

Haunting, heartbreaking, moving, and empowering.

The body paint reflects the hardships we experience, sometimes feeling like those days will never end. But there will come a day, where we can open our eyes and breath, and see no darkness, only beauty, even if it's for a glimpse of a moment”.

CREDITS Hair by Mio Sota @ Trio, Chicago Photography by John Rawson @ www.therawsonpartnership.net

Make up by Melissa Musseau

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