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CIRQUE | by Travis Bandiera


CIRQUE is loosely based on the ringleaders and performers I used to see in circus as a child. I was an avid ‘carnie kid’ and would regularly attend circuses with my mum.

I wanted to create my own circus, with all the characters in the collection playing a specific role and having a specific personality.

When discussing this collection, I knew I specifically wanted the lighting, makeup and styling to have an abstract interpretation of what my circus performers and ringleaders would look like standing underneath the bright lights of the circus tent.

The images are to be original, unique and unconventionally beautiful.


Photographer: Daniel Knott

MUA: Karina Marchetta

Stylist: Angela Liang Hair: Travis Bandiera


Claire Maher 0461 402 830 366

To be featured here on THE COLLECTIONS, simply send your full collection including credits & inspiration to

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