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IMMORTELLE // Mary Alamine

I've always been fascinated by the mythological stories of vampires and immortal beings and how over time these stories have transformed from horrific stories into tales of romance and beauty.

Vampire narratives date all the way back to 1431 to Dracula who was the first vampire and even further we find evidence of stories of immortal beings.

People have always been fascinated by the concept of immortality - the idea of staying young and beautiful "forever" or as long as possible is appealing to most people and this is unequivocally reflected in society today.

Pop culture references of Vampires – Twilight, Interview with the Vampire and TV Shows like Vampire Diaries - portray vampires in a way that is most appealing. The characters are alluring and youthful, bound by the common thread of immortality.

This entire collection was inspired by dark mystical beings and I wanted to bring that darkness into my collection characterized by the dark backdrop, with the models pale and ethereal offset by the overall black & white theme.

- Mary Alanine // WINNER: 2016 AHFA NSW Hairdresser of the Year

CREDITS Hair: Mary Alamine

Photographer: David Mannah

Makeup Artist: Mikele Simone

Stylist: Jana Bartolo

Salon: Royals Hair

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