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The inspiration for HOURGLASS arose from a clock that I bought online which had a marble

face; I remember opening it after purchasing it and knew thenand there what my collection would be influenced and inspired by.

Soon after I began researching different types of marble and how it is created and how certain

temperatures and minerals will give a varied result on the finish and colour, I also loved the blend of the contrasting colours upon one another.

I used this information to create my looks; I wanted each one to be modern but also timeless,

playing on the idea of colour. Much of the work is freehand and the colours have gradients in

them, relating back to how seamlessly marble will blend even with contrasting colours.

Finalist 2016 AHFA Creative Colourist of the Year

Finalist 2016 AHFA Newcomer of the Year


Hair: Travis Bandiera

Salon: Royals Hair Make-up: Mikele Simone & Stephanie Pettito

Photography: Daniel Knott

Send your hair collections to for consideration...

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