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Hair Bungee Silicone "Session Master" 
Produced in traditional colours (black, blonde and brown), the Session Master has been evaluated by top ranking stylists providing exceptional results in both salon and editorial trials. Designed for professional styling and everyday use.

Hair Bungee Silicone BLONDE (4 pack)

  • Product Specification

    • Quantity: 4 X Hair Bungee's per pack
    • Session Master Individual Packs: Blonde, Brown & Black
    • Candy 1 X Pink, Blue, Green & Orange per pack
    • Specifications: 11.5cm (relaxed), silicone elastic, micro hook design

    Why Silicone?
    Silicone has many advantages over traditional material based hair bands. It requires less tension to create a firm hold so there's minimal stress on the hair and scalp. In fact the hair is actually repelled from the silicone when released, meaning it wont matt or tangle, so no more tearing from the scalp.

    Material hair bands absorb fluids and oils from the body or environment. This can promote the growth of bacteria that transfers to the hair causing molds with undesirable results. Being non-absorbent and instant drying, the new Hair Bungee silicone range eliminates these concerns and is also perfect for use in humid climates or during sporting activities.

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