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Nüva Collection // NÜ PARADIGM



“Inspired by the fictitious & villainous Disney Character, Cruella De Vil, the collection symbolizes a paradigm of two contrary forces.

Black representing power and strength, with deep, devilish qualities; whereas white represents innocence and pureness.

Although different and appealing in their own way, their beauty soars when meshed together; offering an exciting, yet edgy allure”.

• Maria Gesualdi


Hair by The Creative Team @ Nüva Beauty & Spa, Laval, Montreal, Canada

(Nüva Team: Angelo Di Pasca, Luigi Rosi, Maggie Semaan, Rebecca Cuerrier & Catherine LeBlanc)

Hair Products: Oribe Hair Care

MUA : Marika D’auteuil

Models : Delphine Laliberté, Cynthia Bouchard, Estera Kostarjian

Styling : Eric Thériault

Lingerie: Lyla Collection

Shoes: Holt Renfrew Montreal

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