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TOKYO // Emma Göttwald

Tokyo street fashion and specifically the Harajuku district in Shibuya, Tokyo heavily influenced my collection of the same name, TOKYO. It began with an image of a Japanese tattoo on the internet and led me down the Google rabbit hole which saw me sifting through imagery for about five hours.

After sifting through an endless spiral of Japanese images, I landed on images of Harajuku girls (and boys) and was instantly mesmerized by the stylish and colourful style. The style is so distinct, unique and recognizable even though it includes so many elements often all mixed together with both Eastern and Western influences.

The elements of Harajuku style include manga-inspired baby-doll dresses and pigtails, gothic inspired makeup and platform shoes, and kimonos. As the morning approached and I was still ensnared in the Google web I wondered what I would wear if I was in Harajuku and which styles I would fuse together. The style inspired my collection as well as my latest tattoo!


Hair: Emma Göttwald Makeup: Mikele Simone

Photographer: Daniel Knott

Styling: Emma Göttwald Salon: Royals Hair (

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